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"Scope of Services"

Our Mission

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Korth Engineering provides a full range of Professional Engineering, Environmental Consulting services in order to effectively respond to the dynamic needs of our clientele. We focus on providing all necessary documents, reports, and services in order to support, meet and exceed our clients expectations.

Value is created for all our customers whether they are a single individual, small, medium or large company.

Our Culture

Korth Engineering provides attentive services tailored to a client’s specific needs in order to achieve practical on-time cost effective solutions to a wide range of environmental situations.

The importance of maintaining and preserving the quality and natural beauty of our environment is thoroughly and comprehensively recognized by Korth Engineering. Hence each assignment is approached on the premise that protection of our environmental and natural resources, are integral parts of the overall project. Flexible and innovative approaches, evaluations, planning, and design parameters are utilized to achieve these goals; checklists are utilized only as guidelines.

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