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"Completed Projects"


Proposed Single Family Residential Dwelling Septic System Design - Difficult Installation with Estimated Cost of $75,000+.

RESULT: Prepared alternative septic design utilizing only readily accessible portion of property at approximately 1/2 installation cost.


Residential Septic Leach Fields, Poor Drainage Percolation Rate of 1-4% of Regulatory Specified Design Standards.

RESULT: Designed and installed new "Geomat" leaching system with pressure dosing and air injection technology. System has been properly functioning for several years.


Teardown and Rebuild of a Three-Bedroom Waterfront House, Only 30 Feet of Length Available for Septic System and High Groundwater Level.

RESULT: Designed "Geomat Edge" leaching system and obtained regulatory approvals with exemptions from local Health Department.


Building owned by a non-profit agency with very small wastewater flows. Hookup to sewer system estimated at $70,000+.

RESULT: Negotiated with local Health Department to allow for installation of a septic field. Designed system for use with current flows and allowing for potential system expansion if needed.


New Lot, Conditions Limited House to 2 Bedrooms.

RESULT: Utilized alternative methods to allow design of a 3 bedroom septic system.


Leaching System and Sewer Design for a Large Multi-Housing Residential Development.

RESULT: Designed and obtained regulatory approvals for a 30,000 gallons per day wastewater disposal system.


Leaching System Design for a Large Multi-Housing Residential Development.

RESULT: Preparing plans and permits for a 100,000+ gallons per day wastewater disposal system.


New Lot, proposed septic system consisted of two (2) -40 foot long leaching trenches which encroached on wetlands.

RESULT: Conducted additional on-site testing and obtained approval for one (1) - 36 foot long “Geomat Edge” leaching system.


Problematic Septic System on a Small Lot Next to Major Water Source.

RESULT: Prepared engineering design plans with sand filter and air injection pretreatment technologies along with new leaching fields.


Seasonal house renovation, small lot next to lake. Previous attempts for obtaining approvals from local Health Department were unsuccessful.

RESULT: Negotiated with local Health Department for installation of a two (2) bedroom 15 foot long “Geomat Edge” leaching field.


Problematic Septic Fields at a Lodging Complex.

RESULT: Performed engineering study detailing applicability and installation parameters for repairing leaching fields without digging.


Unacceptable Soil Conditions and Space to Develop a New Septic System for a Commercial Building.

RESULT: Performed engineering investigation with respect to reuse and modification of existing septic system. Obtained regulatory approvals in accordance with recommendations.


Commercial Facility Expansion - Septic System Evaluation.

RESULT: Performed engineering study and plans for rejuvenation of existing system without digging at significant cost savings and eliminated major disturbances in operations.


Residential House with Outdated Septic System on a Small Lot with Significant Obstructions.

RESULT: Prepared engineering design plans and obtained necessary permits for redevelopment of existing system in current location with minimal site changes.

NOTE: Above detailed examples are some of the "Non-Traditional" and/or "Difficult" types of projects performed.

For additional details on these or "Traditional" Projects and Services offered please Contact Us.