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"Testimonials Of Our Work"

A Breadth of Knowledge

"Korth Engineering brings to the table a breadth of knowledge that is combined with devotion to project goals and objectives. In our experience, this is a unique combination that results in the successful completion of projects, on time and on budget."– Dave Potts, Geomatrix, LLC "

Not Possible

Other engineers said a septic system for our project was not possible; Korth Engineering provided potential solutions!"– Vincent D'Andrea - Homeowner

Unusual Ability to Persevere and Accomplish

“Korth Engineering when working on issues dealing with state regulatory agencies demonstrates an unusual ability to persevere and accomplish steps necessary to obtain permits for public and private sector clients” - Bruce Morton, Aqua Solutions, LLC

Prompt and Professional Service

“Korth Engineering’s prompt and professional service and expertise in presenting before the town conservation commission were instrumental in approval of our permits and septic system design for our new house.”– Michael and Kathy Desanto, Homeowner.

Responsive and Friendly

Korth Engineering's professional, responsive and friendly service relieved a lot of anxiety and stress in order to prepare our home for sale during a very difficult situation."- Andrea Thiede, Homeowner

Received Approval When Others Failed

“Korth Engineering received approval for our septic design when others repeatedly failed. Their unique knowledge of the latest technology, attention to detail and quick response speaks volumes as to why they are so successful.”- Arnold Chester, Homeowner

Beyond Typical

Korth Engineering designed a septic system solution that enabled us to build a three bedroom house on a lot where the soil and area limitations restricted the house size to a two bedrooms house if we used a typical septic system design.”- John Derewonko, Homeowner

Latest Improvements in Design Technology

"Korth Engineering keeps current of the latest improvements in design technology. If there is something new on the market, they know about it."- Ken Picard, Picard Land Surveying, LLC

Highest Level of Professionalism

Korth Engineering designed a septic system for our very difficult property and followed it thru completion with the highest level of professionalism. - James and Sherry Ambrosia, Homeowners.